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NishMan Professional Depilatory Hard Disc Wax 450 Gr

Made with calming guaiazuline and vitamin E to calm and soothe skin. Fast-melting discs are ready in minutes. Place disc in microwaveable cup and only use what you need. Recommended for sensitive areas, perfect for Brazilian bikini waxing. Formulated for medium to coarse hair and sensitive skin types. NO-STRIP DISPOSABLE WAX.
Product Specs
• For sensitive skin and delicate areas 
• Ideal for coarse, thick, stubborn hair 
• Quick and easy meltdown time 
• Helps turn skin silky smooth 
• 30 discs, neat and easy

Nishman Professional Hard Wax Microwaveable Disc Wax is for hair removal featuring a no-strip disposable wax for coarse, thick, stubborn hair with a quick and easy meltdown. The 30 disks make for a neat and easy application, just add what you need. It helps turn skin silky smooth, recommended for facial to Brazilian bikini waxing, ideal for normal skin and delicate areas.

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